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The Low-Density Polyethylene?(LDPE) with melting index MI=2~7 is used as the main raw material in the bubble film?machine. The Linear Low-Density Polyethylene?(LLDPE) with melting index MI=1.0~1.5 can be added in proper proportion, and the regenerated LDPE with melting index equivalent to MI=2~4 can be partly or completely used as the raw material?so as to make bubble film of a certain width.

Because the air?bubble?film?is filled with air, it is light, transparent, high resilience,?with sound insulation, anti-vibration and anti-wear performance, which is widely used in electronic, instrumentation, ceramics, handicrafts, household appliances, bicycles, kitchens, furniture and lacquer products, glass products and precision instruments?and other antiknock?cushioning packaging. It can be made into bubble bags, bubble Kraft paper, envelope bags, automobile sun shield, heat insulation cushion, heat insulation materials, etc.

The machine is mainly composed of?seven units:?extruder, vacuum bubble forming unit, edge trimming?unit, scrap collection unit, leveling unit,winding unit and?electric control system. It can?achieve the?mechanotronics?from?raw material feeding from the charging barrel?until the?finished roll?automatic control.?This machine?is characterized by convenient operation, stable performance, wide application range, small?investment?and?rapid?economic?return.

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